Mystery Bag Challenge Contest Information & Winners

Welcome to our Mystery Bag Contest, every quarter we have a new contest, you can jump in any time and do as many as you would like!

Note: There is a fee for the bag. This is a judged contest in which we either provide positive remarks from the guest Judge; or have our viewers vote via the newsletter and on social media. Scroll all of the way down to see the contest rules. (Click on the link for the downloadable contest information)


Mystery Bag Challenge – Winter 2016/17 – Closed

Winner! Congrats Nina Hunt for her original winter scene


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Winner! Nina Hunt, Teddy Bear

Winner! Nancy Hunt for her Kimono Shoes
Congratulations Nancy!!
slippers 1
slippers 2

The pattern is called Peggy Kimono Shoes by ithinksew

This quarters challenge include new fabric from Northcott – Stonehenge No Sew Circles in three of the six color ways. Twist: was Reversible (double/multi sided)

new fabrics mbag 1

Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge and voting!

beaded 1  beaded 2  blinged 1  blinged backbaby quillow 2  baby quillow 1


Winter 2015/16
No Twist!

Winner! Nancy Hunt, Elephants


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Fall 2015


WINNER Beverly Laplante

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Summer 2015
(Twist = Mug Rug)


Winner! Kerry Creswell

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SPRING 2015 

4th Contest (Twist = “Why So Traditional”) – Photo’s pending

 Mystery bag contest – Winter Edition 2014 2015 (Twist = Whimsical ) -COMPLETED

3rd contest:

2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical)
1st Place Winner – 2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical) – Wendie George
2nd Place Winner - 2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical) - Beverly Laplante
2nd Place Winner – 2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical) – Beverly Laplante
Judges/Shop Choice - 2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical) - Kerry Creswell
Judges/Shop Choice – 2014/2015 Winter Mystery Bag Challenge (whimsical) – Kerry Creswell





















Our first contest – Summer 2014 (no twist)

DQS - Mystery Bag Challenge - 1st Place Beverly Laplante
DQS 1st Challenge, Summer 2014 – 1ST PLACE Winning Entry – Beverly Laplante – Original Idea
DQS - Mystery Bag Challenge - All projects
DQS – 1st Challenge, Summer 2014 All Mystery Bag Challenge Entries – Sponsored by Tag-it-Ons
DQS - Mystery Bag Challenge - Shop Choice Colette Makowski
DQS – 1st Challenge, Summer 2014 Shop Choice Winning Entry









Our second contest – Fall Edition 2014 (Twist = Round)

The Contest period ends November 2, 2014. Newsletter
Twist Rule:
  • It must be Round. It is up to your interpretation of what “round” is. The entry may be dimensionally round, circular, oval, round”ish”, have a round nature, half round, rounded, etc.


mystery -all fall 2014
2014 – Fall Mystery Bag Entries
mystery - fall 2014 winner
2014 – Fall Mystery Bag WINNER 1st place – Kerry Creswell


mystery - fall 2014 2nd
2014 – Fall Mystery Bag 2nd Place Doris Thorpe

2014 - Fall Mystery Bag Shop Choice Winner - Beverly Laplante
2014 – Fall Mystery Bag Shop Choice Winner – Beverly Laplante








Contest Rules…

So what are the Rules? There are not many rules, however there are some standard/hard rules and at times (when noted) there may be a “twist” rule in addition to the standard rules. This rule may be a flexible/interpretive rule. Generally the competition period (including sales of the mystery bags) will last approximately two months. I will release my own challenge project (for example purposes) prior to the contest end at a time in which I feel it won’t ruin the “mystery” of whats in the bag. All bags contain the same fabrics/materials in the same quantities. Most contests will contain dragonfly fabric of a mystery type/quantity/size. Fabric may not blend or match exactly; this is to offer variety of choices in creative direction.

This is meant to be a “FUN” Challenge/contest.

Contest Rules/Requirements:

  • The purchase of a Mystery Bag from Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop is required.
  • You may use all, some or just one of the fabrics in the bag.
  • You may add only 1 other fabric (preferably from your stash or the shop).
  • You may add batting, stuffing, interfacing or other filler, etc. as long as it is not considered as part of the outward design.
  • You may add embellishments and hardware (not fabric or items mentioned above) such as: Tag-It-On, crystals, beads, buttons, snaps, velcro, hoops, rings, zippers, hangers, etc.
  • The entry can be whatever you want to make, however it must fit back in the bag when submitted. To “fit”, it may be: hanging out, folded, rolled, stuffed, crammed or gently placed is ok too!
  • There may be an additional twist(s) rule which will need to met  in order to be judged.
  • Preferably the project will be a unique creation that you make, however if you are using someone else’s pattern, you must provide the information: Pattern Name, Designer, Company, permission to use their pattern for the contest, etc.
  • The entry must be “sewn” and be “quilt” related: hand sewn, machine sewn, appliqued, embroidered, pieced, quilted, a quilt, quilted/made for quilters use, etc.
  • The entry should have a proper/applicable label.
  • Include the/an index card with your information clearly written (name, address, email, phone, designer/pattern maker, quilter, permission letter(s) or email(s), etc).
  • Project must be finished and submitted in store on or before the specified deadline.
  • The bag can be mailed at a customers expense for the cost plus the cost of shipping & handling including postage. Entries may be mailed in at a customers expense. When mailing in the entry must arrive in store on or before the deadline. Please allow for delays with the mail service and it is recommended that you get tracking information. Any non winning entry may be mailed back to/at customers expense for the cost of shipping & handling including postage.

NOTE: Winners will be announced by the date provided. Shop Choice will be selected based on the project that best represents Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop. Judging will be based on, but not limited to the following: workmanship, creativity, best use of Mystery Bag supplies, shop representation, etc. 1st, 2nd (3rd when applicable*) & Shop Choice winning projects will become the property of Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop. *An additional prize for third place may be added/awarded based on quantity/quality of entries or prize packs. The price for the bag may change from contest to contest, based on contents of the bag, or other determining factors,etc. All non winning contest submissions may be picked up from the shop once the display period/promotion is over or otherwise notified (may be up 2 months after the announcing of the winners). Any projects that do not meet the requirements will be displayed, however will not be included for judging/prizes. By submitting an entry you agree to rules & requirements of the contest. Submitted entries will be photographed and used by & shared with Dragonfly’s Quilt Shop, Contest Supporters, Social Media, etc.  Any questions, feel free to ask. Contest subject to change without notice. See official rule sheet for complete details.


mbag 2