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It's time to start planning for 2017!

All 50 States, Canada & Europe too!
How about this… it's like a shop hop, but it's not... no fees, no cards to stamp, and all summer to play! Simply visit any of the participating shops and receive a free pattern for a row in a quilt. Combine your rows in any way to create a unique quilt that represents the fun you had traveling throughout the summer. Travel with friends, discover new quilt shops and have fun collecting rows!

Prizes and collectibles!
Create a quilt (between June 21 - Oct. 31, 2017) using at least 8 different 2017 rows collected (between June 21 - Sept. 5, 2017) from 8 different 2017 participating RxR shops and be the first to bring it into a participating shop to win a stack of 25 fat quarters (6-1/4 yards of fabric!). Use that shop’s row in your quilt and win a bonus prize!

Hibernation Period - Sept. 6 - Oct. 31, 2017 *No patterns or kits may be sold or handed out in anyway during this time.

2017 Black Prism

2017 Plates

9313Massachusetts_resized   RXR 2017 ON THE FLY RXR 2017 ON THE GO    


2016 Row By Row Experience™ theme
Home Sweet Home! 

New Zebra Fabric Plates™ too!

home sewn 5738

Home Sewn Plate - Limited quantities may still be available.

2016 Row By Row Experience ™

Home Sweet Home




2016- Rows "Home Sweet Spooky Home" & "Home Sweet Holiday Home"
© Kathryn LeBlanc for Dragonfly's Quilt Shop

home sewn 5738
Limited qty's may still be available

  i quilt u work 5739 

RXR 2016 plate 5726 i spyRXR 2016 plate 5725 - heart dly


2015 Row By Row Experience ™




2015 - Row "I Spy A Quilter" ©Kathryn LeBlanc for Dragonfly's Quilt Shop

Row by row I spy a quilter   I Heart DFLY

2015 Plates sold out!


2014 Row By Row Experience ™

Sew A Season



2014 - Row "Fluttering off the Row" ©Kathryn LeBlanc for Dragonfly's Quilt Shop



2014 Plates - Sold out

2016 - Winner!

Nancy Hunt 

 nancy quilt



2015 - Winner! 
 Susan Dyer 


2014 - Winner
Theresa Schultz-Jones