Bobby’s Quilt (quilt gone wrong)… amateur… hey we have to start somewhere, right?

In the begining…before I knew how to quilt… there was some internet/ you tube videos…. not as many as there are now of course! There was fabric from the “J” word…. not any more of course! And there was also some prepackaged binding YIKES!!! I think that was the worst part. Ok so how bad could it be? Oh I forgot to mention FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) not in my vocab. yet… oh, one more thing Quilting – would that be the act of quilting that keeps the quilt sandwich together? Not quite part of the vocab. yet either… Ok so let’s get to the pictures and I can tell more of the story later/below.

bobby wm 2   bobbys WM 3

Not too bad-looking, fun for a young boy, eh? Ok, so you get the idea, great first project 1-5(+) inch strips all sewn together lengthwise down the quilt… 100+ x 100+”, mock pillowcase (mostly just mocking myself :)) oh you can see the nice white pre made binding on a young “boys” quilt (see where I am going with that). Ha, it’s all coming back to me… How about the king size bed sheet from the “W” for the backing!!!! LOL OMG I must have made ever amateur mistake on this one!

…what the binding looked like after some minor use :(. This is not really the dingy”est” picture, but you get the idea. Check out that “un” mitered corner (FYI that is a view of the top of the quilt)


Alright so this is about 2010-2011 ish  (I could look up the date but I am too lazy). Lets get us more current, say 2011 -2012 ish…The quilt goes through the wash (remember didn’t know I was supposed to quilt it every, what, 4 inches or so..) and then the quilt comes back to me twice… and you can guess it…

…many ripped seams, the batting all wadded up inside….As my sister is telling me “you don’t want to see it”, she throws in “by the way, the dog chewed off one of the corners!!!!”

oh, you wanna see what it looked like? I stitched over those ripped seams (ah, I think twice, really)… And about that corner, well I don’t have  a shot of the corner before I fixed it but, you get the idea.What do you do when the dog chews off the corner? Hum, silly that’s easy, you give it a rounded corner (only one, of course)… with a different “homemade” 2.5 inch binding (that we now know how to do correctly), see:

IMG_3176Also you can see the big ripped chunk in the middle with the batting all wadded up 🙂 this is from the second go round of “fixing it” …Oh my…

Now, you see the boy (my nephew Bobby) never really got the quilt back because it took me a year to figure to how to mock “fix it” which didn’t work, then it came back again…

So lets take us up to current day 2013-2014…ish…I got the whole thing torn apart this week. I threw away the wadded up batting, the dingy binding and the king size sheet (should have taken a picture of all that – what a sight!)…here we are just the quilt top, well at least whats left of it anyways!


Remember 3+ years later, the boy is still missing his quilt… Now what? I am thinking 12″ or 14″ square blocks maybe cut diagonal across the strips, set on point even and maybe some funky sashing to tie it all together?

Ha busting out the “quilting schooling” now 🙂 LOL… Subscribe below to follow this post to see what happens in 2014!!!!