Welcome to Junior’s – a traveling boutique for all things quilty – related to children. Find various quilt projects for moms, mommy & daddies to be, grand parents, friends, relatives and of course for children themselves! Cloth books, panels, fabric, reading books, kits & more!

Check out our colorful boutique as we debut our booth at the Clamshell Quilt Guild – Quilt Show 

“Quilts All Around the Town 2018”

The Clamshell Quilt Guild 2018 Quilt Show  will be held at
the Connecticut College Student Center, Mohegan Ave, New London CT
Saturday, August 4th from 9am-5pm and Sunday, August 5th 10am-4pm

FREE Gift  – Are you wondering why we’re calling it Junior’s or why there is ABC blocks in logo, stop by and ask us about it for a free gift! * while supplies last.

Follow the signs to find us off the beaten path1