Hi there, 

My name is Kathryn LeBlanc and I was born & raised and currently reside in Massachusetts.
First and foremost I am a survivor who just celebrated 22 years cancer free!

I consider myself a 10 year old, quilter that is… and was (up until a year ago) a 5 year old (brick and mortar) quilt shop owner. And also a 5 year old Long Arm Quilter.
I mostly FMQ’s, on a HQ Avante.

Now, I am a 1 year old online/social media quilt retailer!

I have produced multiple patterns for my store, various programs and for shop shops… and just this month had a fabric manufacturer pick up a new pattern that I designed for them, so that makes me a 1 mo. old fabric manufacturer pattern designer…

Currently I predominately work retail sales from weekly Facebook live video clearance sales our FB page Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio and we also have Dragonfly’s Overstock FB group. As well as Instagram!

I continue to do local and regional Quilt Shows.

Little known fact, I used to suffer from extreme stage fright, and have actually aspired to be a public/motivational speaker!… Ha ha, I win!

I enjoy creating memory quilts and items for customers, another service I offer.  And I have a small line of Zipper Pulls that I assemble, package and sell.

My go forward plans in the industry include a quilters workbook, designing some dragonfly fabric (which I should really get to finishing), quilt judging and continuing to design patterns.

Currently, I am also participating in a couple blog hop/quilt alongs which is new for me as I am trying to learn the new style & language.

Have just set up the first Designers Quilt Show (Virtual) running from 4/13 – 4/19/2020

And currently a new Block Of the Month website,
( www.blockofthemo.com )under construction/coming soon Spring 2020!

Personally, I am working on 2 once in a lifetime #365quiltchallenge quilts – on Day #!?!?%.

You can find me and Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio at

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DragonflysQuiltingDesignStudio/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/DragonflysQuiltingDesignStudio/

Website – www.dragonflysquiltshop.com