Designers Quilt Show

Join us for a week long virtual quilt show. Each day we will feature new participating designers. You will have the opportunity to see the best of the best, stunning quilts from a wide array of different designers, attend online classes and demo’s and visit with your new favorite designers on your preferred social media platform. Come back each day and enter the raffle as well!

What's so special about Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio?

Well YOU, of course! … and ME

If you are looking to have fun in your quilting bubble, you came to the right place! I’ll admit most of the action happens on Facebook (@dragonflysquiltingdesignstudio ). I post and share fun (positive) things for you to enjoy daily. I encourage interaction, I really don’t want to be the only one talking to me, tee hee hee. I do try to respond to most comments in one way or another.  It’s ok to laugh, I laugh at myself all the time!

like to challenge you (and myself) with fun healthy brain games like word searches,  guessing games (don’t worry sometimes I  don’t guess them either! and I make them up! Just kidding (as your shaking your head at me) and even some poems and rhyming too!

How about you join us over in one of our Facebook groups – Overstock Group and  our  Facebook LIVE group to download your copy of our HST’s tip sheet  (large file). Be sure to check the classroom calendar for more! 
HST’s are my nemesis – I always lose my points-what’s the point? 

I have some fun patterns which you can digest below (or to the right). I am very much a project based person/quilter. I like quick and easy, fun projects that we can get done quickly and get that instant gratification. Of course there’s a time for King size bed quilts too, like right now!

I just started a new website to bring you some great Block of the Months – ( ) more coming soon, but check it out and sign up for the newsletter.  To kick it off I just released a free BOM. Feel free to join in the fun. It’s a happy stashbuster – perfect for using your favorite fabrics!

I am a professional Long Arm Quilter for hire! Fill out the form here, for a price quote… Let’s get some of those tops finished! I also do bindings too (oooh la la)!

We (the 27 designers and I) have put forth a ton of effort  (100’s of hours) into bringing this virtual event ( ) to you, it is my sincerest hope that you found some serious soul soothing from it! ~Kathryn 

This virtual show is our way of coming together, supporting each other and sharing the beauty of the quilting community. 
We look forward to seeing you there!
Super Sampler
Heart Of Massachusetts
HB Adventure Quilt
Rainbow Stars By Clare Corbett