KOM – June – Wine Glass Coozies/Coaster

KOM – June

Wine Glass Coozies/Coaster

Supplies for 1 coozie (to make 4, 6 or 8-multiply qty’s below by 4, 6 or 8):

  • 2 – 5.5″ circles of fabric 1
  • 2 – 5.5″ circles of fabric 2
  • 1 – 5.5″ circle of batting

2 Coordinating Fabrics – One  5.5″ x WOF from each, subcut each strip into Four 5.25″ sections gives you 8 sq. for ea. fabric (16 total) – yields 1 set of 4 coozies (w/4 sq. of batting)

4 Coordinating Fabrics – One 5.5″ x WOF from each, subcut each strip into Four 5.25″ sections gives you 8 sq. for ea. fabric (32 total) – yields 1 Set of 8 coozies OR 2 Sets of 4 (w/8 sq. of batting)

To cut the kits, I used the accuquilt Go 5″ Circle cutter. (Layered Fabric 1 wrong side up, batting, second fabric 1 right side up and both of the fabric 2 squares right side up). You can use a 5″ (or alternate/similar traceable size that’s available to you) circle to trace when additional ones at home.

With your layered fabrics as noted above:

  • Fold and finger press (or iron) the two top circles (fabric 2) in half wrong sides together. This will be your “pocket” for the wine glass base to fit into once flipped/completed.
  • Place them back on your layered stack so that the folded edges are in the middle of the circle.
  • Pin all the way around to keep everything tight together. Remove pins as you go!
  • Sew all the way around the circle with a generous 1/4″-3/4″ (depending on size of your wine glass base). You will top stitch another 1/4″ so take this into account to leave enough room to get the glass inside the coozie/coaster.
  • Trim up close to the batting/stitch line.
  • Flip right side out and push out the seam so it is a smooth a circle all the way around.
  • Top stitch 1/4″ around and viola!

If you have a hard time sewing in a nice circle, 1- take your time, go slow and pivot around the circle. Also you can trace the bottom of your wine glass and use the left side of your presser foot as the guide to sew on the raw edge side of the circle. Keep in mind that you still need room for the final 1/4″ topstitch.

For the top stitching, use a nice decorative stitch and if your sewing on the circle gets slightly wonky, you won’t notice as much.

CAM00812 CAM00813 CAM00814 CAM00815-1

Flip and insert wine glass…









You can also find another very similar tutorial for this here…This one tells you to quilt the batting/fabric 1 sandwich prior to stitching up the coaster.

I don’t know who the original owner of this is, if anyone knows let me know. I know this one has been around a while and many people have different versions/tutorials.